Saturday, April 13, 2019

Rama Navami Celebrations: Popular Festivals Explained for Kids

Rama Navami is a major Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Shri Rama also known as Shri Ramachandra.  Shri Rama is one of the principal deities of Hinduism. The Rama Navami or the birthday of Shri Rama falls on a propitious day when Punarvasu (புனர்பூசம்) star and the Navami (நவமி), the ninth lunar day of waxing moon period get together in the Tamil month of Panguni (பங்குனி) (English Month: March - April). This post details an overview of this festival for kids.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Mahabharata Tales for Kids 2: Kacha learned Sanjeevini Mantra from Sukracharya

Kacha, the son of  Brahaspathi, the priest of the Devas also an ascetic joins as a disciple with  Asura guru Sukracharya to learn the Sanjeevini Mantra. Devayani, the daughter of  Sukracharya, falls in love with Kacha.  The acceptance of Kacha as a disciple by the Asura guru ignited aversion among Asuras. They conceived.plot to kill Kachan. The poor Kachan was massacred twice. Upon the appeal of Devayani the disciple was brought alive by  Sukracharya by chanting the divine Mantra. On the third occasion, Asuras worked out well.  T his ascetic was not only butchered but also burnt into ashes. Sukracharya unknowingly consumed his alcoholic drink blended with ashes.  How Kacha was brought alive? Whether Kacha learned the Mantra? What happened to Devayani - Kacha love story? Read this kids story to find the answer to the questions. Leave your comments.
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