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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pradosham worship in Shiva Temples

Pradosham is an important Hindu Saivite pooja ritual (way of worship) observed on ‘Thiriyodasi tithi’ (thirteenth lunar (moon) day of the waxing as well as waning moon phases) in all Shiva temples about 48 minutes during sun set. We call the specific 48 minutes i.e, 24 minutes before sun set (end of a particular day) and 24 minutes after sun set (the commencement of the particular night) as ‘Sandhya kalam’ and this period is also referred as ‘Asura Velai’ (Demons timings). Saints and yogis will not advice us either to drink or eat any food. Lord Narasimha (Incarnation of Lord Vishnu) also killed the King Hiranya during this period. Instead they advice us to us to light a lamp and chant mantras, slokas and offer prayers. It is an auspicious time for performing yoga.

Pradosham worship aims in getting relieved from leading doshas (malefic aspects) found in your horoscope. No one is free from doshas. You will have at least few doshas like marriage obstacles, lack of child, indebtedness and so on. What ever may be the kind or numbers, your Pradosham worship will give the most wanted relief from doshas. Lord Shiva will have grace on His subjects and rectify all faults or sins.

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